David Schwartz

David has been empowering people in their fitness endeavors for the past 15 years and carries 20+ years of training experience. His approach to training is purely “old school”: no frills, no secrets, no magic pills; just good nutrition and a strong work ethic paired with a well-rounded exercise routine.

As well as empowering his clients to excel in their fitness endeavors, David is able to fix them when accidents happen. David earned his Doctorate of Physical Therapy from Dominican College and has been studying to become board certified in Orthopedics earning his Orthopedic Clinical Specialist certification.

David’s experience in his own personal fitness journey led him to compete in both Natural Bodybuilding, placing in the top 5 at the INBF Hercules Open Heavyweight Class, and Powerlifting, placing 1st in the Raw Amateur class at the RPS Autumn Apocalypse. David also enjoys hiking, biking, kayaking, traveling, and adventuring with his wife and son.