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    At WILL POWER you will always work with a fitness professional from the moment you walk through the door until the end of your session. Each staff member has more than a decade of experience in the fitness industry and is led by a physical therapist. Aside from personal training, services offered include physical therapy, nutrition consulting, InBody body composition tracking, and recovery modalities. Scheduling is by appointment only; waiting for fitness equipment is never an issue. WILL POWER is outfitted with top-of-the-line equipment from brand names such as Rogue, FreeMotion, Woodway, and Concept and provides shower facilities. Proper air filtration that meets CDC post-pandemic guidelines is in place. Additionally, our staff is fully vaccinated, routinely screens for COVID, and will wear a mask on request. 

    We’ve got your health and fitness goals covered… what are you waiting for?

    What do people say about us?

    • “I’ve been a client of Dave for over seven years. My strength and endurance have improved significantly over this time. As I have been progressing, Dave has altered and tailored my workouts to continue to challenge me and to keep me advancing in my personal goals. Dave’s personal attention to my needs and wishes have helped me achieve a balanced and healthy state of mind and body. For me, a successful training program is built on 1) a strong client/trainer relationship of trust, 2) attention to the ever-changing subtleties in each client’s physiology, and 3) the trainer’s personal focus on each client’s workout regimen. Dave’s commitment to the advancement of his clients and his dedication to achieving their goals is unique from the typical workout factories each of us may have experienced in our lives. I look forward to many more years of training with Dave.”

      Nick Antonaccio
    • “My training journey with Dave has been a life changing experience for me. Dave’s extensive knowledge of weight training has provided a challenging and different experience at every session. His patience and encouragement has enabled me to trust him and believe in myself. His sense of humor and fun attitude makes every training session less painful.

      Thank you Dave! I look forward to working together in training to achieve a fitness level beyond my expectations.”

      Nancy Hernandez
    • “I have been training with Dave for ten years. His ability to listen and assess before creating a training program has been the key to successful strengthening of both my back and knees. Definitely recommend!”

      Patrice Sobecki
    • “The staff at WILL POWER empowers me to want to be strong and work hard. Traditional gyms were intimidating, I felt alone and out of place. Here it’s not about my weight, it’s about challenging my body. Highly recommend WILL POWER regardless of your fitness level! You will feel confident and get strong!”

      Loretta Chiavetta

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